Bunch of sketches for races of NEWWORLD project: Ornate, Explore, Glow. I like the direction they’re all going but they’re not different enough yet, and not clearly nonhuman enough yet.

Ornate race: battling their legs and this whole feathers-but-not-wings thing. They’re the closest so far I think, though. I like where they’re at.

Glow race: Thinking multiple arms maybe? I want to do something weird with their legs, but if I give them a snakebody or something, they’d just be mariliths. I’m going to push them to be fishier… and I think they’ll be pitch black with glowy markings.

Explore race: They’re meant to be the most human, but I’ve been looking at monkeys and foxes of various types. I can’t decide if they should have a tail or not. On one hand, long tails are cool and maybe they could pick stuff up with them or something. On the other hand, I’m already sold on the big ears, adding a tail makes them too close to some kind of catgirl thing for my comfort… and then I have to design all their clothes to accommodate it.

This project is in super super early stages still, hopefully in a year we can all come back and laugh and how off my concept stuff is. :D